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April 11th 2007

Reportage: Senko Windows Project

March 31st a new project started in Senko Studio. The name Is Senko Windows Project and it is situated in two windows in the shop Jack & Jones in Viborg, Denmark close to Senko Studio.

By Hans Henrik Jacobsen
Photo: Sergei Sviatchenko


The inspiration to this new activity comes from Sergei Sviatchenkos participation in the exhibition “Display 2005” in Vienna, Austria. Sergei took part in an exhibition, and he decorated several shop windows. The exhibition was arranged by Kforumvienna. The artist, who is also the owner of the experimental gallery Senko Studio explains that he was fascinated by the way the street, the art, the shop and the architecture supplement each other.

It is the intention, that the two windows in Viborg will present works of art for a period of three to four months. The first artist is James Greenhow from London, England, and he had to choose a second artist to participate in the show. James Greenhow who is art director at the magazine Kilimanjaro chose Sergei Sviatchenko as his running mate.

In the future artists will be chosen by James Greenhow, Sergei Sviatchenko and Faye Dowling co-editor at the magazine Varoon from London.

The images are made of folio put up with glue, and the project is sponsored by Bergmann Signs, Viborg.

The first installation is made by James Greenhow and Sergei Sviatchenko and lasts until the end of July. The title is “Night & Day, Worlds Collide” and it consists of two photos from Sergei’s studio taken in daylight and in the night. Looking at the photos they look alike, but when you take a closer look you discover that a few changes have been made. You see the Beatles but one photo shows the cover of Revolver, and the other photo refers to Strawberry Fields.

It might be difficult to see the purpose of this installation. Is it a commercial, or is it art? You just don’t know. But obviously that is one of the intensions of the artists.

Somehow the installation is a kind of overview of the life of Sergei Sviatchenko. We are in the painter’s studio. We see his everlasting fascination of the Beatles. We look at the designer chairs from Eames and the growing amount of magazines, and a photo of the family together with the artistic mentor Erik Johannesen from Galerie Nord in Randers.

Senko Windows Project is an exiting new activity. We look forward to the future activities and installations.


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