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13.th December 2005

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Snapshot: Territory of water
Sergei Sviatchenko visual artist and manager of Senko Studio in Viborg, Denmark has through out 2005 invited several Italian artist to exhibit in Viborg. But the exchange also brings Sergei to Italy. Sergei Sviatchenko is exhibiting with the video installation Territory of Water in Italy. Curator Maurizio Coccia presents the artwork in this article.

Text: Maurizio Coccia, Director and curator at Trevi Flash Art Museum for Contemporary Art. Translation by Lorenzo Carrara and Hans Henrik Jacobsen.

The installation Territory of Water is shown until 15.th December 2005 in the cultural canter af contemporary art WUNDERKAMMERN in Spello, Italy.
Territory of water

Sergei Sviatchenko is consistently bringing his own poetical standpoint in his Territory of Water installation. As we already came to know, the trademark of his stylistic approach is well recognizable in his two-dimensional assemblage of images. This procedure, that works by accumulation, layering several images one on top of the other, is not of a narrative nature, but appears to be more like the process of compiling a list of visual elements, juxtaposed to one another.

This same procedure applies again, suitably adapted to the video medium, in Sviatchenko’s latest work, set up in Italy. This work, sober and respectful of the urban medieval context offered by the small hilltown of Spello, gives us many opportunities of insight. First of all, we are struck by it’s placing: transferring outdoors the intimacy of a bathroom, we are led to a reflection on the concept of public/private. Secondly, the endless flow of water forces us to focus on the planetary problem of the indiscriminate and wasteful use of water we make in the wealthy part of the world.

The video installation viewed from inside   The video installation viewed from outside

Last but not least is the sensorial and emotional aspect of this intriguing work. All of these elements make up a quiet but loud statement. Strolling in the night-time along the deserted alleys of the ancient Umbrian village, led on our way by the sound of running water, and finding oneself all of a sudden in front of this virtual fountain, is an intellectual and physical experience full of surprises. Such is the overall work of this truly European artist: multifaceted and never obvious.

Maurizio Coccia
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