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22nd of March 2006
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Review: Yoko Ono at Senko Studio

The Senko Frame Project has been active at Senko Studio in Viborg for about a year now. Various Danish and foreign video artists have been presented under the auspices of the project. Currently the video “Onochord” by Yoko Ono is on show. Hans Henrik Jacobsen reviews the exhibition.

Tekst: Hans Henrik Jacobsen
Foto: Sergei Sviatchenko

The exhibition “Onochord” by Yoko Ono is on show at Senko Studio from the 13th of March until the 9th of April 2006.

I love you

Yoko Ono is probably most well known for her marriage to John Lennon, which ended so tragically with the murder of Lennon in front of the Dakota Building, December 8th 1980 in New York. Yoko Ono had met John Lennon in the avant-garde artistic environment in London in 1969, and she had an enormous influence on Lennon’s music in the following years. The couple were identified with a committed fight for peace. Yoko Ono’s video “Onochord” is built up around the themes of peace and love.

In 2004 Yoko Ono took part in several happenings, where the message was “I love you”. This message was then signalled to other people by flashlight. This manifestation took place at the movie festival in Venice, Italy, in the Tate gallery in London, in Munich and at the Bukodan Stadium in Japan. If you did not have a flashlight, the message could be spread by a special signal given with the hands.

Tekst om Yoko Onos video på Senko Studios vindue   Yoko Onos video bliver projekteret op på galleriets vindue

It is this manifestation and a documentary concerning it, which is currently showing in Senko Frame Project in Viborg, Denmark. The timing of the project is not a coincidence. The international crisis following September 11th and the Iraq War, probably has triggered Yoko Ono’s long fight for world peace. The idea of course is, that the peace massage will spread and influence politicians all over the world, hoping that they will work for at more peaceful world.

Maybe Yoko Ono and other peace activists are naïve, but you never doubt the engagement and commitment of Yoko Ono.
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