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Review 07-06-2005
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Review: Henrik Vibskov in Senko Studio
Text: Hans Henrik Jacobsen
Photo: Sergei Sviatchenko
The Danish designer and artist Henrik Vibskov is visiting Senko Studio this june.
Vibskov is born in the provincial town Kjellerup close to Viborg and graduated from St. Martins College of Art and Design in London, where his finishing show a collection for pigs got a lot of attention.
Since then he has become known as one of the most successful young Danish designers.
It is difficult to define Vibskovs activities. He is not only a designer. He deals in movies, music and art, and last Saturday he was on his way to Copenhagen to play a gig. He plays the drums in a band. So there is a lot of creativity in this guy.
In Senko Studio Vibskov presents a lot of identical jumping Jacks. The exhibition in Viborg is only the start of a larger project. The exhibioton might expand as it moves on to several other European countries including Sweden, France and maybe Finland. It is all sponsored by Absolut Vodka the Swedish Vodka Brand. The business concept for Absolut Vodka is built up around the bottle design, so it is no wonder that they take an interest in avant-garde art.
The title of the exhibition I “Madsen”, and it refers to the person playing the jumping Jack. Madsen lives in the same apartment building as the artist, and he is a legendary figure in the neighbourhood with his long white hair and beard. Mad Madsen has fought with the Foreign Legion in Vietnam in the 1950’s. So he has a lot of interesting stories from the past.

“Madsen” symbolizes the miracle doctor, a modern descendent of Phillipus Bombastus von Hohenheim. He revolutionized medicine I the 15th century by using minerals and quicksilver. Bur some of his experiments failed. And from him we have the name quack.
Vibskov uses Madsen as an example of all the miracle cures we meet in our everyday life. And it is impossible to find out the validity of these cures. Who are the quacks and who are the reel healers.
“Madsen” is full of surprises and a imaginative manifestation from an exciting young talent, and it is quite a scoop to Senko Studio, that the exhibition starts in Viborg.
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