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8. November 2005
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Interview: Tokyo Discord
While setting up their exhibition ”Tokyo Discord” at Senko Studio Hans Henrik Jacobsen has interview 3 out of the 4 participating Japanese artist: Singo Fujimoto, Yuki Matsuse and Yusuke Suzuki.

Text: Hans Henrik Jacobsen
Photo: Sergei Sviatchenko

The exhibition "Tokyo Discord" are shown at Senko Studio in Viborg until the 20. November 2005.
Hans Henrik: How did you get into contact with Senko Studio? It is quite a distance from Viborg in Denmark to Tokyo?

Yuki Matsuse: The contact came through my connection to the artist Ash. He had an exhibition in Senko Studio in 2003, and I went along with him to Viborg. I met Sergei Sviatchenko in the gallery, and we shared a lot of artistic ideas and arranged an exhibition.

Hans Henrik: Why is the theme of your exhibition in Tokyo?

Singo Fujimoto: Tokyo is our city. This is there we come from. It is where we live, and we would like to give an European audience our feelings about this metropolis.

Singo, Yuki and Yusuke during the set up of their exhibition
  Text on the window of Senko Studio

Hans Henrik: Why do you use the word ”discord” in the exhibition title?

Yuki Matsuse: The reason is, that Tokyo is a phenomenon with both good and evil. One the one hand it is controlled by big business. The global companies are in charge everywhere. They dominate society. But at the same time Tokyo is alive and a very exciting place with a lot of possibilities. You can call it “Tokyo discord”. There is a lot of disharmony. It attracts you and repels you.

Hans Henrik: Explain a little about the art Scene in Tokyo?

Singo Fujumoto: Probably it can be compared with a lot of cities throughout the Western World. There is a traditional art scene with museums and fashionable galleries but also a subculture with more provocative exhibitions and happenings. They live side by side. But art is getting more and more popular. It is trendy to collect art.

Hans Henrik: What role do you play in this game?

Yuki Matsuse: Probably we are part of the subculture, and we publish our own magazine and distribute it to galleries and cafés and music stores.

Exhibition view from "Tokyo Discord"   Video still from the exhibition

Hans Henrik: What role does the video play in the exhibition?

Yusuke Suzuki: The fourth member of our group Masumi Sasaki has produced the video. It is supposed to be a positive contrast to the installation inside the gallery. The installation shows the negative sides of life in Tokyo, the disillusioned business people and all the concrete. The video shows a more positive and hectic picture of life in the city. In the video the contrasts between traditions and big city life meet.

Hans Henrik: What plans do you have for the future?

Yusuke Suzuki: We have been inspired by the way Senko Studio is organized and works, so we might do something similar in Tokyo.

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