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23. september 2005
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Review: European cooperation
Senko Studio is now part of a European exhibition cooperation Plot @rt Europe. 10 galleries simultaneously showed works from 170 artists through webcams and the internet. Hans Henrik Jacobsen witnessed the event, and here gives his impressions of the exhibition.

Text: Hans Henrik Jacobsen
Photo: Sergei Sviatchenko

The exhibiton plot.@rt.europa is shown from September 16th to October 16th 2005
Friday September 16th 2005 Senko Studio started a show together with 10 other European galleries.
Galleria Arturarte in Rome, Italy is behind the initiative and has published a large catalogue with the works from the participating artists.

At 6 pm. contact was established between the galleries through webcams and the internet, and the event was shown on a widescreen in one of the squares of Viborg. Unfortunately technical problems made contacts to all the galleries impossible. But the idea of combining art and the newest technology is very exciting and opens a lot of new possibilities of artistic cooperation across physical borders. Hopefully the experiment can be repeated in the future.

Outdoor screen with projection of direct web-link   Exhibition view from Senko Studio

But back to the exhibition in Senko Studio. Six big photos were shown. Four Italian one German and one Dutch artist participated. One of the ideas behind the project is, that all the works symbolize one common travel united through webcams at the International Centre for Contemporary Art at the castle Colonna in Genazzaro, Italy.
All the works are 80x120 cm, and the size equals a car window. The works should give a feeling of what you might expect to experience looking out of a car window driving through Europe.

Paola Consorti exhibits a female nymph in white, looking almost like a butterfly, and Lydia Bachis shows the more dangerous sides of a woman.
Betty Bee from Naples, Italy is playing with the more vulgar male attitude towards women in an almost pornographic photo.

It is an exciting project Senko Studio is part of. Let us hope that the technical difficulties of the internet will be solved in the future.

Galleria Arturarte: www.arturarte.com
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