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Interview 14-06-2005
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Interview: Henrik Vibskov

Text: Hans Henrik Jacobsen

Henrik Vibskov in Viborg
Interview with Henrik Vibskov. Vibskov has a current show ”Madsen” in Senko Studio, Viborg.

Hans Henrik: How did you get into contact with Senko Studio and Sergei Sviatchenko?

Henrik: I was taking part in a fashion show in Paris and was contacted by an English speaking person. I thought he was an Eastern European designer, but to my surprise I found out that he came from Viborg in Denmark, close to my birthplace. He told me, that he had an art gallery, and that he would like me to exhibit in Viborg. I found it interesting and Sergei’s concept attracted me.
Hans Henrik: Tell me about the ideas behind “Madsen”
Henrik: I was inspired by the story about Phillipus Bombastus von Hohenheim. He was an innovator in medical science in the 15th century, and he made some experiments with quicksilver. And things went wrong. It is from this story the word quack comes, and the story gave me associations to nowadays quacks and miracle doctors. In the media we are constantly bombarded with new cures and products that we get through herbs, crystals and you name it. We are totally defenceless and it is impossible to find out which products are healing our diseases and what is a fake.
Henrik Vibskov installing the exhibition "Madsen" at Senko Studio
Hans Henrik: Where does “Madsen” fit in?
Henrik: I needed a figure to personify the miracle doctor, and I got to think of a guy that lives in my apartment building. He is a legend in the neighbourhood, and he does some carpentry for the building administration. He has long white hair and beard, and I wanted to portray the miracle doctor and a whole number of jumping jacks with a flaming necklace.
Madsen immediately accepted the idea. And it was quite a show dressing him up.
Hans Henrik: How was the exhibition financed?
Henrik: I was lucky that Absolut Vodka the Swedish vodka company was willing to sponsor the project. They have an interest in art and design. That is an important part of their image. So it is useful in their market strategies.
Hans Henrik: What happens to “Madsen” after Viborg?
Henrik: The exhibition continues to Malmö and Stockholm in Sweden. I might add new components to Madsen. I do not know yet. And then it goes on to Paris and maybe Helsinki as well.
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